Gilmore Girls

This one has been my favorite since I was, like, eight years old.  Okay, maybe ten.  But young. too young, if you know what I mean.

Plot:  Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter, Rory, live in the small town of Stars Hallow.  Lorelai had Rory at 16 years old, the age Rory becomes during the first season (which evolves to a total of eight).  They have a uniquely close mother-daughter relationship.

Nailed it.  Basically, this should be my job.

You would be surprised by how hard it is to limit words when my emotions are so high.

I am seventeen years old now.  I would say this show attributes to how close my mother and I are, having it modeled like that starting so young.  Also, my mother is fab so that helps.

I don’t get emotional about much (like nothing), but TV shows (movies, songs, theatre, etc.) are kinda my thing.  They hit me where it hurts.  Which is a part of what they are, to reflect on society.  To distract from the rest of the world, but also to bring light to it.

The distraction is where I lay.  Whether I think “their life sucks more”, or just to be completely in something that isn’t in affect of me.  


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